Fighting Chance


Avenue is a social enterprise that buys quality products made by people with disability from all around the world. Products are sold to customers at community markets and through our online store. The business is unique in Australia in that it provides work skills training for people with profound and severe disability.


Avenue supports the employment of people with disability in developing countries like Nepal, Cambodia, India and Laos. These artisans are highly skilled in crafting homewares, gifts, accessories and toys from a range of materials including natural fibres and recycled products.

Avenue’s mission is to empower people in Australia and across the world through trade. Our vision is to create a global community of artisans and producers with disability who are recognised for the skills. We will achieve this by entering partnership with ethical organisations and individuals who are creators and producers of goods for designed for retail sale.

In Sydney the Avenue business is operated by a diverse team of interns who are engaged in all areas of operating such a diverse business. This includes administration, stocktake, marketing, sales and distribution.

Avenue is a not-for-profit initiative and therefore all proceeds are reinvested back into the business. This includes remuneration to interns who learn valuable work skills in an environment that supports their individual access and learning needs.


You can learn more about Avenue and our products through the Avenue website.

One of the most important ways Avenue sells its wares is through community markets. Find out where the market team will be next.

To find out more about Avenue and the opportunities it offers, please email: