Fighting Chance
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Our Philosophy

The Fighting Chance team has a number of passionately held beliefs which influence every aspect of the work we do.

Firstly, we believe that every adult, without exception, has skills and abilities to contribute. Disability is no impediment to becoming a contributing part of a working team, if each individual is given the right basic supports.

Secondly, we believe that employment and vocational engagement is a fundamental component in the life of any Australian adult, from which we derive purpose and meaning. It is not acceptable that hundreds of thousands of adults with significant disability find their post-school choices limited to a handful of recreational options.

Thirdly, we passionately believe in the person-centred approach to service delivery, although you won’t often hear that phrase used around Fighting Chance headquarters. Person-centred is what we are, what we always have been, and what we always will be. When you’re doing it, you don’t need to talk about it.

Fourthly, Fighting Chance believes in being different. We believe in innovation. We are a thought leader, committed to looking at the complex problems and finding solutions in a way that is different to the others. 

Finally, Fighting Chance believes in the importance of quality. We believe in the power of ‘yes’ in our service delivery. We believe in giving people with disabilities the highest standard of care, and offering people the respect and friendship each person deserves.